ATMIST helps you with administrative systems and methods around occupational health care.

ATMIST helps you with administrative systems and methods for occupational health care.

Our affiliated lawyers provide advice in health-related HR and law. We help you to establish agreements and customized plans for occupational health care, vaccinations and medical preparedness. We also offer training in the use of telemedicine support as well as care routines and healthcare systems.

All organizations have different needs to ensure a robust and functioning health and personnel care. ATMIST helps you with:

  • Establishing guidelines and policies.
  • Action plans to identify and prevent risks.
  • Processes for SEM (systematic environment work).
  • Annual follow-up of occupational health care and support measures in the event of abuse.
  • Manuals for safety patrols and regular work environment meetings.
  • Reports of accidents, bullying and incidents.
  • Planning of work environment responsibilities between different actors in the workplace.
  • Mapping of the psychosocial work environment and introduction of drug tests.
  • Operational support in rehabilitation processes.