Management support, training and projects in health / specialist care

ATMIST helps authorities, organizations and companies to ensure adapted and functional health care as well as robust and functional emergency preparedness.


ATMIST is a competence resource for health care consisting of senior specialists in various medical and safety-related areas.

ATMIST is led by Dr Andreas Fischer, who is a specialist in surgery with main expertise in trauma, disaster surgery in vulnerable situations and crisis situations. Dr Fischer is also a Reserve Officer in the Swedish Army with extensive experience of life-saving work and preventive medicine in international conflicts and crises.

Active instructor in ETC, ATLS, PHTLS, AMLS, TCCC and D-CPR. Dr Fischer works actively as a staff doctor and medical advisor in the Armed Forces and other agencies and authorities.

ATMIST helps authorities, organizations and companies to ensure a customized
and functioning health/medical care as well as a robust and functioning emergency preparedness.

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